Aaron Opfer

I am Aaron Opfer. I'm from The Internet.

I went to Bowling Green State University for three years before I left to find my happy place. I am now a software developer who loves what he does every day.

I like: Creative Commons, FLOSS, EFF, outer space, Daft Punk and the color orange.

I make:

Application and network servers/daemons
Application Servers
Websites that work on many devices
Responsive Websites/Webapps
EDM Music
EDM Music

Software Development

  • Languages

    • Javascript/jQuery
    • HTML5/CSS3
    • SASS & Compass
    • PHP
    • C/C++
    • Python
    • bash
    • Intel x86 Assembly
  • Frameworks & Environments

    • Node.js (Express.js)
    • Tornado
  • Data Stores

    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
  • Skillsets

    • Socket & Network Programming (Linux & Windows)
    • Reverse-Engineering (binaries, websites, etc.)
    • Disassembly
    • Embedded Linux & Kiosk Applications
    • Network Security
    • Industrial Comm. Equipment (Modbus)

Systems Administration

  • Linux Server Administration

    • Various network service daemons (DNS,DHCP,etc.)
    • RAID & Filesystems
    • iptables configuration (NAT)
    • Squid proxy
    • Mail daemons (Dovecot)
    • Samba 3 domains w/ 20 Windows PCs & Laptops
    • PXE boot utilities
  • General

    • Deep knowledge of Windows and Linux (esp. Debian-based distros)
    • General PC maintanence (cleaning malware, etc.)
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To request an official resume, please contact me by email: me@aaronopfer.com.

My music is the product of the development of my musical talents since my freshman year of High School when I first started tinkering with a program called FL Studio. As I create more music I try to get better results by increasing melodic variety and improving my mastering technique, and finding inspiration from new sources.

Below is my entire body of released work. It can also be found at SoundCloud.

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