Aaron Opfer

I am Aaron Opfer. I'm from The Internet. I live in Chicago. I write software to make ends meet while waiting for a Star-Trek-esque Utopia to arrive.

I am a software developer who mostly specializes in real-time messaging and microservices. I've mostly worked at trading companies for the last six years. I love what I do every day. I also make music (as a hobby).

I like: Creative Commons, FLOSS, EFF, outer space, Daft Punk and the color orange.

I make:

Application and network servers/daemons
Application Servers
Websites that work on many devices
Responsive Websites/Webapps
EDM Music
EDM Music

Software Development

  • Languages

    • Python
    • C / C++
    • HTML5 / CSS3
    • Javascript (React, jQuery, etc.)
    • Intel x86 Assembly
    • bash
    • PHP
  • Frameworks & Environments

    • asyncio, aiohttp
    • Tornado
    • Node.js
  • Data Stores

    • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL
  • Skillsets

    • Real-time trading systems (esp. option trading)
    • Socket & Network Programming (Linux & Windows)
    • Reverse-Engineering & Disassembly
    • Network Security
    • Embedded Linux & Kiosk Applications
    • Industrial Comm. Equipment (Modbus)

Systems Administration

  • Linux Server Administration

    • Deep knowledge of Linux (esp. Debian-based distros)
    • HTTP proxies like Varnish, nginx, squid
    • Various network service daemons (DNS, DHCP, etc.)
    • RAID & Filesystems
    • iptables configuration (NAT)
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To request an official resume, please contact me by email: me@aaronopfer.com.